Automate, Reclaim Valuable Tax Department Time


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Automate and Reclaim Valuable Tax Department Time

January 09, 2019

As technology continues to advance in all areas of the corporate world, management’s expectations have shifted: from quick closes being a “nice to have” to being a priority.  Many tax departments are evaluating how they can better leverage technology to free up time. The idea is that time saved can be repurposed — from items related to data and calculations, to more strategic, analytic, and value-added tasks. Almost always, this involves enhancing technologies, implementing new software, and training personnel. Automate, Reclaim Valuable Tax Department Time

Whether the motivations of the tax department are because they are technology-centric people, they want to free up time to focus on tax issues, they have management telling them to close quicker, or they just want to get home at a reasonable hour is almost irrelevant. The most relevant thing is that without continuous improvement being driven by all stakeholders, we will all run out of our most precious resource: time.

Read this article authored by GTM’s Ryan Lynch, Managing Director of Tax Automation Services and published in the Winder edition of PA CPA Journal to learn more.


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