Co-Sourced Tax Services

Co-Sourced Tax Services
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Co-sourcing Arrangement With Internal Tax Departments

For many organizations, the complexity of their tax structure coupled with a competitive job market makes it difficult to rely exclusively on internal tax resources. When you co-source with GTM, our team becomes an integral operational part of your tax department, typically working side-by-side with your team. We can lead or support your operational tax needs and build lasting relationships with our clients and their entire tax department.

GTM has a long history of employee retention (low employee turnover) which allows our clients to experience long-term, consistent resources that can invest time and grow with our clients.

Co-sourcing Tax Department Functions

Co-sourcing with GTM gives you more than “just-in-time” support. We share the workload and build sustainable resource solutions.

Typical co-sourcing services:

When co-sourcing with GTM, clients should expect resources that can work in any role of a team framework. All GTM professionals are continuously trained on tax technical updates, mainstream and emerging tax technologies, and management disciplines that allow us to deploy team members that add immediate value.

Why Co-Source With GTM?

GTM is a tax-only firm serving mid-to-large size corporate tax departments. Many of our co-sourcing engagement teams have been working side-by-side with our clients for years, enabling the client to build trust, loyalty, and comfort. We have an impressive mix of mid-size to large multinational clients who continue to rely upon GTM to support their core tax functions.

Tax Co-Sourcing Insights