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How to Execute Post-Wayfair Sales & Use Tax Calculations

The concept of “just charging sales tax” is not as simple as maintaining a tax rate table somewhere and turning on a switch. Tax departments must contemplate all the moving parts -- varying tax rates across jurisdictions, origin vs. destination-based sourcing, local tax thresholds, customer taxability, product/service taxability, bundled transactions, drop shipments -- things can quickly become overwhelming and almost impossible to maintain manually. Tax calculation is something you must take the time to think about. Read this blog to provoke your thinking.


Automate and Reclaim Valuable Tax Department Time

Many tax departments are evaluated how they can better leverage technology to free up time. The idea is that time saved can be repurposed: from items related to data and calculations, to more strategic, analytic, and value-added tasks. Almost always, this involves enhancing technologies, implementing new software, and training personnel. Read this article published in PA CPA Journal authored by GTM's Ryan Lynch, Managing Director of Tax Automation Services to learn more.



“Automating the provision process has saved Sonepar USA’s tax team upwards of 120 hours (in aggregate) for the 2017 tax-year alone. The GTM team facilitated a smooth transition from our manual Excel approach to take immediate advantage of ONESOURCE Tax Provision (OTP) software. Our new provision process has been recognized positively up to the senior finance executives, raising the visibility and value of our tax department’s contributions to the bottom line.”


~ Nick Vanderlyke, Senior Manager, Income Tax, Sonepar USA


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Video: Tax Departments Can Unlock the Benefits of the TCJA

January 08, 2019

Learn more about how tax reform has changed the way businesses leverage their tax departments– from department structure to allocation of resources. Watch this video featuring GTM’s Michael Tighe, CPA and Jim Swanick, CPA, authors of PICPA Winter cover article. “Tax Departments Can Unlock the Benefits of the TCJA”.

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~ Gergana Lipidakova, Senior Tax Manager


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