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Property Tax: The Ripple Effects of Tariff Wars Between the U.S. and China

Uncertainty in the macro-economic environment that may be triggered by tariffs imposed or increased by the U.S. and the retaliatory tariff counter measures that China may take could lead to market actions and reactions that dramatically impact the values of the underlying assets of certain industries. Since real and personal property taxes are predicated on the market value of assets, it is important to first understand the potential impact of these variables, and then consider these factors in the assessed values subject to property taxation. In this post, I’ll also share a property tax strategy that can be used to offset the negative impacts of higher tariffs that appear to be imminent.


Tax Notes Talk Podcast - Final Transition Tax Regs: An Analysis of Important Changes

In this Tax Notes Talk podcast, Raymond Wynman, the managing director of GTM’s International Tax practice, discusses the final rules on section 965, specifically the 965(b) basis-shifting election and the specified payment rule.



“Automating the provision process has saved Sonepar USA’s tax team upwards of 120 hours (in aggregate) for the 2017 tax-year alone. The GTM team facilitated a smooth transition from our manual Excel approach to take immediate advantage of ONESOURCE Tax Provision (OTP) software. Our new provision process has been recognized positively up to the senior finance executives, raising the visibility and value of our tax department’s contributions to the bottom line.”


~ Nick Vanderlyke, Senior Manager, Income Tax, Sonepar USA


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Global Tax Management and Autism Speaks Honored in the 2019 Faces of Philanthropy

April 02, 2019

GTM and Autism Speaks are recognized as honorees in the Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2019 Faces of Philanthropy. Each year, this award honors significant philanthropic initiatives between for-profit companies and non-profit companies that have had a meaningful impact on our communities — through community involvement, monetary donations, and social impact.

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~ Gergana Lipidakova, Senior Tax Manager


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