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Taking the Sting out of Mandatory Repatriation: Consider OFLs, NOLs, and FTCs

As we approach the final stages in the tax reform process, the details and what-if scenarios are swarming. One detail everyone should be aware of is that the House and Senate bills impose a tax on the deferred foreign income of U.S. shareholders of CFCs as part of the transition to a territorial system of taxation. In short, the amount of non-previously taxed E&P of a U.S. shareholder’s CFCs is included in the shareholder’s 2017 Subpart F income.


IRC Section 163j: Another Cost of Leveraging an Acquisition

Without the luxury of having excess cash reserves, corporations typically opt to leverage their acquisitions by taking on some form of debt. This allows for more manageable and projectable cash flows, and the interest payments are tax-deductible – as long as you do not get caught up by an earnings stripping limitation such as IRC Section 163j. Section 163j was enacted in 1989 as a means of limiting the interest expense deduction of a taxable corporation that pays to a tax-exempt, or partially tax-exempt, entity whose economic interests coincide with those of the payer. Most commonly, but not solely, this becomes an issue when a foreign parent issues debt through a U.S. subsidiary. This is relevant today as corporations look to reduce their IRS bill by restructuring using controversial tax inversions. Section 163(j) serves as a barrier to corporations who otherwise would have a rather straightforward and otherwise legal means of significantly eroding its U.S. tax base through excessive interest deductions.



We knew that there were technology solutions on the market that could help us  improve efficiency and get back to operating more strategically, but we didn’t have time to stop our daily responsibilities to plan a special project without falling behind. PPG’s global tax team is transforming into more of a mission-critical area of the business and will deliver even greater value.


Ken Moran, International Tax Manager, PPG



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