OIT Compliance Readiness Series (Trailer)
Webinar Series

OIT Compliance Readiness Series (Trailer)

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Whether you’re new to ONESOURCE® Income Tax or are an experienced user of the software, these practical, easy to follow episodes will give you specific, straightforward knowledge around ONESOURCE® Income Tax’s capabilities and updates for domestic, state, and international tax compliance that you can immediately implement in your own tax department.

Webinar Series Contents
New Entities
17 minutes
New Accounts
15 minutes
State TAS
17 minutes
Excel Add-In
13 minutes
12 minutes
New Foreign Entities
15 minutes
International Charts
16 minutes
Form 5471 Schedule M
10 minutes
Form 8975 (Country by Country)
10 minutes
9 minutes
Form 1118
10 minutes
Automation and Data Management
10 minutes
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Time: 2:00 PM EDT
Duration: 60 min
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