Webinar: How Tax Departments Can Build a Rock-Solid Business Continuity Plan

Webinar: How Tax Departments Can Build a Rock-Solid Business Continuity Plan

David Sekula
CEO & Executive Director
Anthony Sorrentino
Managing Director
Webinar Date:

    The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted business operations to an unprecedented extent. As organizations scramble to manage their supply chains among massive market and economic shifts with a workforce that is suddenly distributed, they’re finding that their existing crisis management and business continuity plans haven’t adequately prepared them for the current circumstances. Tax departments are particularly stressed with these sudden changes, which add to an already-complex maze of regulatory changes, deadlines, and updates. As this and other crises reverberate into the unforeseeable future, there are steps that tax departments can take now in order to build their own solid business continuity plans that reflect the needs of today’s business climate. In this webinar, attendees will learn:

    • Why tax departments need business continuity plans (BCPs)
    • How to overcome the challenges of putting BCPs into practice
    • What a good virtual work environment looks like
    • Which technology tools to consider when implementing a BCP
    • What a good support system looks like in BCP scenarios

    GTM Presenters:
    Dave Sekula, Managing Director & Chief Revenue Officer
    Anthony Sorrentino, Associate Director, Tax Automation Services

    Thomson Reuters Presenters:
    Bianca Kuijper, Director, Direct Tax & Transfer Pricing Propositions (Moderator)
    Shawn Malhotra, Head of Technology, Corporates
    Chip Ferris, Head of Customer Success, Corporates in Customer Service & Support

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