Webinar: Alteryx for Excel Users in Finance, Tax, and Audit

Webinar: Alteryx for Excel Users in Finance, Tax, and Audit

Ryan Lynch
Managing Director & CTIO
Webinar Date:

    For most professionals in corporate finance and tax, Excel is the go-to technology for working with data.  Alteryx is not here to replace Excel, but to address the frustrations of working with larger and more complex data sets.

    That’s why more and more professionals are turning to Alteryx to reduce the burden of their work. With Alteryx, Excel users can streamline compliance and reporting, reduce manual effort, mitigate risk, and improve the quality of data and insights – all while minimizing disruption and giving you time back in your day.

    In this webinar you will hear directly from Alteryx Users within corporate finance and tax departments about their personal and professional transformations with Alteryx.

    Who Should Attend: Finance, Tax, and Audit professionals who perform their current data analysis work in Excel.

    Host: Ryan Lynch, Global Tax Management, Managing Director and Chief Technology and Information Officer


    Chrissy Pearse, Global Tax Management, Data Analytics Supervisor

    Kristin Adam, AMETEK, Senior Tax Analyst

    Jessica Chen, Alteryx, Director, Financial Planning and Analysis

    Chris Swanson, Polaris, Manager, Internal Audit Data Solutions 

    Earn one CPE for attending the live event.

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