Webinar: Automating Tax Processes with Alteryx: The Journey Continues

Webinar: Automating Tax Processes with Alteryx: The Journey Continues

Ryan Lynch
Managing Director & Chief Growth Officer
Jonathan Forman
Managing Director
Webinar Date:

Session Duration: 20 minutes

After the transformative deployment of Alteryx within its Sales and Use Tax department, GTM was inspired to find more opportunities to implement Alteryx in other areas of the business.


Our webinar

As a corporate tax services firm, there are endless opportunities to automate within various service lines as well as within shared services. With leadership emphasizing the importance of technology and continued progress, the firm was able to increase adoption and the return on investment it obtained with Alteryx. Alteryx workflows have since been developed and successfully deployed related to federal and state income taxes, international tax, transfer pricing, and property tax.

This business line was recently added to GTM and came highly motivated to optimize data wrangling activities within their service delivery model. With a keen eye for implementing automation in ways that would reshape the way the credit is calculated, the practice leadership quickly incorporated Alteryx as a foundational tool for delivering services for clients. In doing so, the lean team was able to deliver services in ways that previously would have required significantly more resources executing manual, inefficient tasks while also improving transparency into the calculation and providing maximum benefit to clients.


What attendees learn

In this presentation, GTM will discuss how their Alteryx journey has continued, and changed, since the initial phase. Presenters will emphasize the importance of continued upskilling, cross-departmental collaboration, and leadership support of technological advancement as a core component of organizational culture.

Presenters will also highlight tax automation within the R&D tax credit department.

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