Webinar: Handling State Legislative Changes in ONESOURCE Tax Provision

Webinar: Handling State Legislative Changes in ONESOURCE Tax Provision

Anthony Sorrentino
Managing Director
Webinar Date:

The need to analyze and accurately apply changes related to state income tax has become commonplace in today's corporate tax departments. However, this is often not a simple or straightforward exercise.

As demonstrated by the recent Pennsylvania legislative change, even a decrease in state tax rate can become complex with changes being gradually implemented over a period of time. Accurately implementing a change like this within your tax provision is heavily dependent on your specific facts and circumstances, such as:

  • Is the impact material for your company?
  • Do you tax effect deferred balances by state, or how will you accurately update your blended deferred rate?
  • Do you have state modifications and NOLs in the state?

In this live, one-hour webinar, GTM's Tax Automation Services (TAS) team will walk attendees through what to consider with regards to state legislative changes and how to leverage technology to represent them appropriately. Specifically, they will use the recent Pennsylvania rate change as an example to demonstrate how ONESOURCE Tax Provision can be configured to manage it.

Users will come away with an understanding of how to:

  • Evaluate state legislative changes and determine the appropriate approach based on your circumstances
  • Leverage data from ONESOURCE Tax Provision to facilitate calculating impacts
  • Successfully implement the graduated rate changes in ONESOURCE Tax Provision

Earn one CPE for attending the live event.

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