Sales & Use Tax Compliance Services

Sales & Use Tax Compliance Services

The management of sales and use tax is a complicated process that creates a recurring monthly burden on your tax department. GTM’s sales & use tax compliance team specializes in streamlining that process through a solution that gathers and analyzes your data, increasing operational efficiencies and data accuracy. Far from a one-size-fits-all process, our team works with you to design a customized solution that fits your unique Sales & Use Tax Compliance needs.

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GTM Reduces Manual Tax Compliance Processes by 50% with Alteryx

See how GTM has been able to significantly upgrade its sales and use tax compliance automation as it relates to manipulating client data, performing reconciliations, and filing returns through the use of Alteryx.

Identifying the Best Sales & Use Tax Compliance Approach

GTM’s Sales & Use Tax Compliance specialists examine your current data and process to determine the best compliance approach for your organization moving forward. We analyze your responses to our questions to see if your tax data can be streamlined so you can avoid constant manipulation before it is used for return preparation and remittance. Up front, GTM works to improve your current process and identify improvements to help you identify when an outsourcing option makes the most sense.

There’s a more cost-effective way to approach Sales & Use Tax compliance. Most compliance processes start with transaction level data and only consider the GL after returns are filed and the reconciliations are completed. GTM’s approach begins with the GL, then reconciles the GL as part of the compliance process, so you can adjust what you pay before returns are filed. We call this our “closed-loop” process.

Whether you outsource to GTM or engage us to streamline your current in-house sales tax process, we can help you find the best solution to minimize risk and cost in your compliance process.

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Managing Director, SALT, Sales & Use Tax Compliance

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Managing Director, State & Local Tax

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In-House Compliance Process Optimization

Are you gathering the right data? How does your data flow to your returns? How is your data validated, archived, and retrieved? We help you look at the big picture. GTM asks the right questions to get a universal view of your data, assuring that your compliance process is streamlined for the right outcomes at minimal cost.

Outsourced Compliance Process Optimization

GTM accepts your source data exactly as it exists; no manipulation or conversions are required. If you have existing sales tax software in place, we can manage the return process using your existing license. If not, we use our own web-based compliance portal to manage the process. At the completion of each cycle, GTM provides detailed reports for each jurisdiction, summarizing tax paid, discounts, and prepayments. All returns and supporting information are archived on our web site. GTM receives and logs each piece of correspondence from the state taxing jurisdictions.

Minimum Risk, Maximum Value

Whether you outsource to GTM or engage us to streamline your current in-house sales tax process, we can help you find the best solution to minimize risk and cost in your compliance process.

No other tax provider can offer a holistic approach that allows for quick and easy management of information, data, returns, payment processing, and audit trails. Immediately realize the benefits of:

GTM’s automated sales and use tax compliance solution will help you minimize risk of error in reporting and maximize your staff’s time to focus on adding value – all while keeping control of your sales tax compliance process.

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