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The biggest drivers prompting companies to consider corporate tax outsourcing their tax functions are simple. They need their taxes done accurately, quickly against looming deadlines, affordably to fit their budgets, and they do not have the internal resources to make it happen. To accomplish all the necessary operational tax work your growing business requires, think of GTM as your back office for corporate tax services.

We have taken our decades of experience to build a Managed Tax Services (MTS) outsourcing model that delivers the best people, process, and technology to provide companies with an integrated, cost-effective approach to corporate tax outsourcing and outsourcing tax department functions. 

Department Management

Tax Automation

Allow your team to keep their focus on strategic activities, and allow us to manage special projects such as data management, tax software implementations, and tax team collaboration tools.

Transitional and M&A

Corporate transactions create tax work beyond existing operations. GTM can help with transitional tax needs — due diligence and post transaction services –to ensure ongoing stability of all facets of the tax department on both sides of the transaction.

Resource Management

An efficient tax department has the right resources in the right place at the right time. We can help you determine and fill your resource needs for all tax functions – with staff loans or management of your entire tax department.

Internal Business Support

Business functions outside the tax department need to understand the tax implications of pending business transactions. We will work with your colleagues to help them make the right decisions.

Tax Compliance

The tax compliance process can be time consuming and disjointed. GTM’s proven 10-step tax compliance process will help accurately prepare and file returns on time.

Tax Provision

Tax provision requires execution of a considerable number of complex tax technical calculations in a short period. Our 10-step provision process brings the cadence you need to meet the high demands of financial reporting.

Audit Support

Companies often face challenges meeting their internal, external and federal compliance audit needs. We are equipped with the experience and know how to assist with IRS audits, local tax audits, and provide support throughout your SEC compliance and review.

Transfer Pricing

CbC Reporting, transfer pricing documentation and require advanced technical knowledge to execute. GTM has the right expertise to take this level of complexity off your plate.


Federal, international and state and local tax planning are important, whether the company is cash or ETR driven. We have tax planning expertise to help you maximize your tax position while mitigating risk.

Transaction Tax

The monthly SUT close cycle requires you summarize, compare and transform data from multiple sources quickly. GTM’s closed loop SUT compliance process starts with general ledger data assembly and ends with a link to general ledger accounts to minimize risk and maximize efficiency.

Featured White paper
When to Consider Full or Partial Outsourcing of Corporate Tax Functions

Companies of all sizes are driven to explore outsourcing their tax functions for a clear set of reasons. These include deadline pressures, budget limitations, stretched-thin internal resources, and challenges keeping up with regulatory changes. Outsourcing tax functions, whether fully or partially, offers companies access to the right people, process, and technology to comprehensively address operational tax functions and reduce overall tax liabilities for their organization. 

This white paper compares the different outsourcing alternatives and lays out what all companies should expect when bringing in an outsourced tax provider. Is some form of outsourcing right for your tax environment? Run through the quick checklist included in the white paper to help you decide.

Full or Partial Corporate Tax Outsourcing Options

Some companies want to maintain ownership of tax functions, while others want an experienced tax firm to be entirely accountable and responsible for their tax needs. Some want a mix of both. Short-term or long-term, GTM assists with any or all discreet tax functions. If you are a company with little to no tax department, we can provide the infrastructure and resources to manage your entire tax operation.

Tax Provision and Income Tax Compliance Expertise

Tax provision and income tax compliance are core services that we provide consistently to multinational clients of all sizes.

ASC 740 Tax Provision Services

GTM provides end-to-end tax provision services to cover your full spectrum of tax needs, from preparation and review through a regulatory filing. Our standardized work papers and ONESOURCE Tax Provision (OTP) reporting provide output that is easy to manage and submit for external auditor review. We bring you technically knowledgeable tax professionals that meet the high demands of financial reporting, along with automation and optimization services to support the process.

Income Tax Compliance Services

GTM’s tax accounting services address all income tax compliance needs, from corporate tax return preparation and review to tax controversy. Our tax professionals are skilled in all major tax compliance software and filing systems including ONESOURCE Income Tax (OIT), OIT International, Corptax®, GoSystem, Vertex Income Tax, and others to make compliance functions run efficiently. We possess the technical acumen to fully support Federal, state, and international tax reporting needs.

Locally Rooted. Globally Connected.

GTM is a U.S. member firm of the WTS Global international tax network. With local presence in more than 100 countries worldwide, this relationship gives us the ability to deliver international tax planning and country-specific tax services in a unified manner under one coordinated point-of-contact.

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What Makes Working with GTM Different?

We are a trusted advisor to many of the largest private and public multinational companies throughout the US and abroad. Our services are flexible, cost-effective, and delivered with the highest quality that you expect from a premier service provider.

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  Big 4+ Regional CPA Firms
Tax Technical Resources & Expertise
Engagement Team Focus is Solely Corporate Tax  
Day-To-Day Partner-Level Participation    
No Conflicts/No Independence Issues    
Real-Time Decision Making    
Well-Known Global & Recognizable Brands as Clients  
Access to a Global Tax Network
Focused Expertise in All Major Tax Technologies  
Original Workpapers, Templates, & Calculations are Shared    
Supports a Long-Term Competitive Pricing Model  
Perform Audit/Attest Functions  

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