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How to Speed Up Tax Data Preparation for 5471 Schedule M and Sales & Use Tax Compliance

Think about the burden lifted from your tax team by speeding up the data preparation and calculations for complex tax processes. In this blog, we cover automating data assembly for 5471 Schedule M and Sales & Use Tax Compliance. We provide practical examples of what happens when you can quickly manipulate source data into useable formats and the steps that can be automated.


From the Desktop to the Cloud: Transforming Tax — Best Practices on Tax Collaboration from PPG

Part one of this Tax Notes article revealed that advanced collaboration solutions connect the tax department to provide far-reaching benefits. The result is a strategic tax management department that contributes to the achievement of business goals instead of functioning as just a team of isolated number crunchers. In this second article of a two-part series, learn best practices for implementing tax collaboration software, using an example of a project at PPG, a Fortune 200 industrial products company, and commentary from their International Tax Manager, Ken Moran.



We knew that there were technology solutions on the market that could help us  improve efficiency and get back to operating more strategically, but we didn’t have time to stop our daily responsibilities to plan a special project without falling behind. PPG’s global tax team is transforming into more of a mission-critical area of the business and will deliver even greater value.


Ken Moran, International Tax Manager, PPG



Beyond the Calculator at Urban Outfitters

April 05, 2017

Kirsten Comely started as a generalist tax manager at Urban Outfitters in the year 2000. By 2015, as the CTO, she faced complexities such as technology, mobility and increasing regulations, and realized the need for outside subject matter experts in transfer pricing, state and local tax, and accounting for income taxes in financial statements.

GTM congratulates Kirsten and shares her passion for advancing and automating tax functions to better serve the overall business. Read her story in this Profile Magazine article.

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