Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at GTM

DEI Initiative

All Perspectives Welcome.

At GTM, we champion the individuality of every employee. Our commitment is to be intentional in building a work environment reflective of the diverse communities we serve. A workplace that invites diversity of thought, a sense of belonging, and genuine respect for each other.

We recognize that each employee’s unique experiences, perspectives, and viewpoints are critical to delivering services and solutions that engage and inspire our customers, and to building long-term partnerships that are truly changing the way that tax services are delivered.

Driving Change & Understanding

Our diversity and inclusion principles are the fuel that attracts the best talent, builds cohesive teams, cultivates leaders, and incubates great ideas, all while creating a sense of pride and commitment within GTM and our communities.

Combining both mindset and action, we are mobilizing our efforts around these key areas:

This includes a quarterly educational learning series hosted for all employees. We also actively spread awareness of diverse events, milestones, and recognitions. Employees are encouraged to share their own ideas for ways to better teach others about their varied cultures.

We actively work with firm leadership to provide training and other resources to uplift marginalized employees as a pathway to promotional opportunities and other career success at GTM. This will culminate in the roll-out of a new mentorship program specifically designed with diverse employees in mind.

GTM is expanding its channels for finding new talent at the college graduate and experienced hire levels, thinking outside the box and partnering strategically with organizations that provide access to unique talent. For existing employees, the GTM DEI Committee is committed to leveling the playing field and bringing to light certain issues on behalf of diverse employees. Additionally, we have created fun, competitive team building events designed to drive learning and inclusion for all.

GTM continues to support community initiatives as it has for decades. Now, we take special measures to ensure this community support is inclusive and shaped in-part by what our employees want to see. Many times, this means fundraising or providing pro-bono services to minority organizations to enable them to carry out the life changing efforts of their mission.

DEI at GTM Started with Women's Initiatives

Our DEI journey began when the GTM Women’s Networking Group was formed in 2013 by one of our executive leaders in the firm, Christine Funkhouser. Its mission was to raise awareness of the unique issues that women face in the workplace, increase networking and camaraderie among female colleagues, and boost confidence among women in tax. In 2014, GTM extended that network to clients and friends of the firm to bring in more women’s voices and grow our advocacy within the greater corporate tax profession. We have also partnered with organizations including Financial Managers Society (FMS) Philadelphia Chapter; Johnson Kendall Johnson (JKJ); and the Tax Executive Institute (TEI,) to include women in accounting, banking, and insurance.  

Today, GTM’s Women’s Network offers events that provide insight, encouragement, and entertainment, while giving women tax professionals the opportunity to learn from leaders in other inspiring careers as well as their own. Incorporated into each event is also a philanthropic component. GTM’s Women’s Network raises funds for, and contributes donations to, philanthropic organizations as part of each event, including Clarifi, Fred’s Footsteps, Home of the Sparrow, Live Like Blaine, Marine Raider Foundation, PathwaysPA, Peter’s Place, Women’s Resource Center, and others.

Seeing the growing presence of women in tax, among other professions that traditionally lacked women's voices, is the realization of a goal that is very personal for me. GTM in particular has made substantial progress in this area and continues to do so."

Christine Funkhouser, Managing Director

The Difference Makers

GTM’s DEI Committee was established to put words into action and carry out the firm’s commitment to advancing a more inclusive culture. Committee members represent the unique personalities and diverse backgrounds that make up our GTM community, and our third-party DEI partners help us implement our initiatives across the organization. 

The purpose of the DEI Committee is to cultivate a culture at GTM that promotes diversity of thought by being intentional in building a work environment where all team members will thrive, feel included, supported, and engaged. We believe that employee diversity should be proudly and prominently represented by everyone as it is a testament to the unique experiences and voices each person brings to GTM. Furthermore, these collective differences provide strong value to GTM as we work together to bring the best solutions possible to our clients and other stakeholders.

Diverse Association Involvement

GTM staff is actively involved in giving back to our communities, both personally and professionally. GTM also has a long history of fundraising for Autism Speaks, and providing internships and employment for people with neurodiversity from The Pathways School. We also sponsor, support, and recruit tax talent from diverse association partners including ACLAMO, ALPFA, NAAAP, NABA, and others.

The voices and talents of our peers are the cornerstone of any successful culture, workplace or otherwise. We cannot achieve that success without a workforce that represents all genders, backgrounds, and cultures. Furthermore, it is important that we recognize that certain individuals need to overcome more obstacles, and that is our responsibility to provide additional support so these individuals can reach success. I am proud to be a leader of GTM's DEI initiative, and I am excited by the advancements that our firm continues to make."