Tax Consulting & Planning Services

Tax Consulting & Planning Services

Careful corporate tax planning is critical to reducing tax liability, increasing cash flow, and controlling risk in any organization. GTM’s experienced tax consultants provide our clients with reliable corporate tax planning strategies to manage and mitigate the complexities facing their tax departments. Our value-added tax consulting and planning services maximize cash flows and minimize risks for organizations operating in federal, state, and international environments.

International Tax Services

Whether your company is just beginning to expand overseas or has mature international operations, GTM can help manage, support, or outsource your international tax planning and compliance needs. Our experienced team possesses deep technical knowledge and extensive business acumen to deliver practical, business-driven international tax quantitative and planning services addressing a variety of areas such as GILTI, FDIII, BEAT, §163(j) and Subpart F, in addition to U.S. international tax reporting and compliance.

Transfer Pricing Services

Now more than ever, multinational companies must ensure their international and domestic transfer pricing policies for cross-border transactions withstand the scrutiny of various tax authorities. GTM brings the deep technical knowledge, experience, and a worldwide tax network needed by companies today to navigate this uncertain landscape. From conducting functional analyses and benchmarking studies, to crafting intercompany policies and transfer pricing documentation and planning, GTM offers a full array of operational transfer pricing services.

R&D Tax Credit Services

Recent regulatory changes make it more favorable than ever for corporate taxpayers to claim research and development (R&D) tax credits at the Federal, state, and international levels. Companies across all industries stand to claim substantial savings. Yet many understate and under-document their credits, losing some or all of them. GTM addresses your R&D tax needs without adding full-time overhead to your business. We can help you avoid paying unnecessary taxes, obtain tax refunds, manage operational costs, and enhance the economic value of company initiatives.

Tax Depreciation Services

Tax depreciation is an ongoing challenge for companies. Intricate rules and regulations around capitalization policies and the complexity of calculating tax depreciation, property tax reporting, and IRS tax law changes make the process cumbersome. GTM has the capability to either co-source or fully outsource your tax depreciation function. We customize our services to best meet your tax department’s needs, extracting client data from its original source and transforming into importable files, or using data that you provide to update your data and provide monthly, quarterly, and annual updates for transactions.

Additional Tax Consulting & Planning Services

Why Choose GTM?

GTM is a tax-only firm serving mid-to-large size corporate tax departments. Many of our tax consultants have been working side-by-side with our clients for years, enabling the client to build trust, loyalty, and comfort. We have an impressive mix of mid-size to large multinational provision clients who continue to rely upon GTM for tax consulting services across all corporate tax functions.

Tax Planning Insights From Our Consultants