Indirect Tax Services

Indirect Tax Services

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GTM understands the increasing demands placed on corporations operating in a multistate environment. We provide the following state and local tax services through our Indirect Tax practice:

Sales & Use Tax Compliance

GTM provides cloud-based compliance outsourcing and co-sourcing to clients with a high volume of monthly sales tax returns in a range of industries. Our holistic approach allows us to provide complete end-to-end sales tax transaction services, from data management to payment processing. 

Use Tax Review Services

Most companies overpay use tax, needlessly losing cash. The best time to prevent this loss is to catch errors before payments are made. GTM’s tax professionals analyze your process and data during the compliance process, using AI technology, streamlined processes, and deep subject matter expertise to meet your tight compliance deadlines on a co-sourced or outsourced basis.

Sales Tax Audit & Refund Services

Beginning with an audit assessment, we help our clients identify overpayments and secure sales tax refunds. As part of an audit/refund engagement, we also recommend and implement cost-saving process improvements and provide ongoing support to help clients reduce overall internal costs long-term.

Sales & Use Tax Consulting Services

GTM regularly consults on and performs technical research, advocacy, and voluntary disclosures. Our team also performs nexus studies, prepares sales tax matrices, and is always available to answer questions and provide support.

Property Tax Services

Many companies may not recognize property tax as a controllable cost that impacts the bottom line. If not addressed properly, this can often lead to missed savings opportunities, including allowable deductions and exemptions. GTM provides property tax outsourcing and advisory services to ensure that companies are filing correctly and taking advantage of allowable savings opportunities. Our services include property tax compliance, valuation review and appeals, audit support, and fixed asset and reclassification reviews. 

Indirect Tax Practice Leads

James Ford

Managing Director, SALT, Sales & Use Tax Compliance

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David Hillegass

Managing Director, State & Local Tax

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Robert Butterbaugh

Director, Property Tax Services

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