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Transitional Tax Department Services

During any transitional period, GTM can serve as your functional tax team while we assist with the design, development, and transformation of your future tax department. With so much going on during a transition, we recognize the issues, the multi-departmental relationships needed, and have a core competency in performing all tax functions. We bring stability, proven processes, and skilled tax professionals to perform essential tax functions for as long as you need.

Creating & Stabilizing Tax Department Processes

Creating stability in a time of change is paramount, so we first establish a Tax Department and provide an Interim Tax Director to get the tax department up and running, while ensuring your core tax functions are being executed.

To give your tax department the solid foundation it needs moving forward, we monitor the flow of data, develop a tax calendar, and create customized work papers that are easily reviewed.

Performing Critical Tax Functions

Simultaneously, we gather answers to the right questions. These answers allow us to assess functions and work streams, and determine what technology solutions and protocols are needed to perform critical tax functions.

Once we get a complete picture of your business operations, we move forward to meet all tax deadlines at the pace of the organizational ramp-up.

Operating With The Future State In Mind

GTM delivers turn-key systems and processes for all facets of your tax department operations including:

Your new tax department will be properly trained and staffed with the right mix of internal and external team members as required to sustain a smooth operation post-transition.

Why Work With GTM?

Tax management is our business. From start-up to operational set-up, to ongoing management and future value creation, GTM has worked with numerous multinational companies supporting tax functions for spinoffs and acquisitions. We consider tax department transitional services a core competency of our firm and we bring an established approach and proven process. We have a strong base of clients that can attest to our work in establishing, managing, and effectively transitioning their tax department.