R&D Tax Credit Services

R&D Tax Credit Services

Reduce Corporate Tax Liabilities with R&D Tax Credits

Recent regulatory changes make it more favorable than ever for corporate taxpayers to claim research and development (R&D) tax credits at the Federal, state, and international levels. Companies across all industries stand to claim substantial savings. Yet many understate and under-document their credits, losing some or all of them.

R&D tax credits provide permanent benefits, today and in the future, to reduce the tax burden and generate cash flow. Qualifying businesses are even able to offset payroll tax utilizing R&D credits, and some states allow R&D credits to be transferred or sold, generating additional cash to help grow your business.

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Estimate Your R&D Tax Credit
Savings Potential

GTM’s R&D Tax Credit Calculator is a quick way to analyze your company’s data and identify opportunities to increase cash flow through R&D Tax Credits. Results will be returned to you via the email address you provided within a few minutes of your submission.

Helping Companies Claim & Defend R&D Tax Credit

GTM’s R&D Tax Credit Services Practice focuses on R&D tax credits, incentives, and deductions at the federal, state, and international levels. 

GTM leverages streamlined methodologies to conduct interviews and gather documentation more efficiently. This ensures that the information collected is what auditors are looking for to substantiate an exam while providing a greater return on investment.

Whether your company is looking to claim R&D tax credits for the first time, or you are already claiming R&D credits, GTM can help on both fronts.

Examples of Industries that Benefit from R&D Tax Credits

The R&D tax credit program incentivizes companies to keep technical jobs based in the United States. Corporations in the Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Chemicals, and FinTech industries are just a few examples of industries that have realized significant savings. Click on an industry below to learn more about how your company can benefit from taking advantage of available R&D tax credits.

Often the upfront investments made by life sciences companies to create new drugs, chemical compounds, or medical devices are significant and can generate substantial opportunities to recoup costs in the form of R&D tax credits.

Manufacturing companies play a major role in developing and improving products and manufacturing processes to maximize efficiencies and reduce waste, often utilizing new technologies to stay competitive.

Chemical companies play a major role in producing industrial chemicals that are used in developing and improving products.
Committing resources toward developing software platforms, trading algorithms, and banking applications either for third parties or even internal use can generate significant opportunities to recoup costs in the form of R&D tax credits.

Research & Development Tax Credit Expertise When You Need It

Budget constraints and talent shortages often leave domestic and multinational companies lacking in dedicated in-house resources that have the time or proficiency to manage the R&D tax, cost segregation, and other credits and incentives functions. 

GTM addresses your R&D tax needs without adding full-time overhead to your business. Our team of R&D tax consultants work side-by-side with you to identify and maximize key savings opportunities wherever you are, whether local, national, or international. We can help you avoid paying unnecessary taxes, obtain tax refunds, manage operational costs, and enhance the economic value of company initiatives.

What is an R&D Tax Credit?
The R&D tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction of your income tax liability based on qualified research expenditures exceeding a base amount. The tax credit is comprised of expenditures related to qualified research activities.

R&D Tax Credit Insights