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Webinar: Navigating Extraordinary Events That Impact Accounting and Tax

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to present significant challenges to business operations and the global economy, new uncertainties relating to forecasted earnings are forcing accounting departments to assess the impact on their company’s value. Businesses assessing the pandemic as a potential ASC 350 triggering event are often required to perform additional impairment testing of their goodwill and other intangibles.

Join Global Tax Management and Centri Business Consulting as we explore how to manage the accounting and tax implications of the additional impairment testing requirements. In addition, we will give an update on ASC 842, Leases, and discuss opportunities and possible compliance challenges regarding both leases and impairment including:

  •  Lease Accounting
    • Accounting for lease modifications, rent concessions and other lessee matters pursuant to ASC 842
    • Tax compliance pitfalls in light of ASC 842
  • Impairment
    • Evaluating the recoverability of goodwill, intangible assets and property, plant, and equipment due to triggering events
    • Tax accounting considerations related to:
      • Goodwill impairment
      • Assessing the need for a valuation allowance including
        • Evaluating positive and negative evidence
        • Scheduling exercises

GTM Presenters:
Dave Sekula, Managing Director
Jim Swanick, Managing Director
Mike Tighe, Associate Director

Centri Presenters:
Jaime Krug, Partner
Christopher Mora, Partner

**Earn 1.5 CPE credits for attending this LIVE webinar.

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Webinar: Top German Tax Considerations For U.S. GAAP Reporting

Multinationals operating in Germany must successfully navigate key considerations when addressing U.S. GAAP reporting. Join this webinar to learn from GTM’s German colleagues within the WTS Global tax network, as we delve into each of the following topics to give you practical insights on:

  • Overview of the Corporate Tax Regime
  • Common GAAP-to-STAT Differences
  • Fiscal Unity (Organschaft)
  • Investment benefits/R&D credits
  • NOL utilization
  • Withholding taxes
  • Deductible Interest Limitations  (Zinsschranke)
  • License restrictions (Lizenzschranke)
  • Anti-Tax-Avoidance-Directive (ATAD)
  • Audit risks

This webinar will also address the reduction of VAT rates for the second half of 2020, DAC 6, and German real estate transfer tax (RETT) rules.

GTM Hosts:
David Sekula, Managing Director, Philadelphia and D.C. Metro Offices
Raymond Wynman, Managing Director, International Tax Services

WTS Presenters:
Andreas Schreib, Partner
Jens Krechel, Partner

**Earn 1.5 CPE credits for the attending LIVE webinar. Save your seat today!

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Webinar: CARES Act: Corporate Tax Impacts & Considerations

As companies around the world react to an economic downturn and challenging business conditions, it’s more essential than ever to maximize opportunities. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act (H.R. 748) offers several ways for corporations to take advantage of refund opportunities, including amending prior returns and carryback claims. However, the CARES Act, its iterations, and its impact to existing tax attributes can be quite complex.

Join us to explore tax opportunities related to the CARES Act and how its impact will affect cash taxes, compliance initiatives, and accounting for income taxes. We will discuss several federal and international impacts of the Act and some key issues surrounding transfer pricing including:

  • CARES Act Changes
  • Opportunities & Key Decisions to Make
  • Cash Tax & ASC 740 Considerations
  • CARES Act Impact to Tax Attributes
  • U.S. International Tax Considerations
  • Comprehensive Example

In addition, we will be reviewing the impact of how the economic downturn has on transfer pricing policies and how that may require revised U.S. international tax planning.

GTM Presenters:
Kevin Croy, Managing Director, Transfer Pricing
Jim Swanick, Managing Director
Mike Tighe, Associate Director
Raymond Wynman, Managing Director, International Tax

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Webinar: How Tax Departments Can Build a Rock-Solid Business Continuity Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted business operations to an unprecedented extent. As organizations scramble to manage their supply chains among massive market and economic shifts with a workforce that is suddenly distributed, they’re finding that their existing crisis management and business continuity plans haven’t adequately prepared them for the current circumstances.

Tax departments are particularly stressed with these sudden changes, which add to an already-complex maze of regulatory changes, deadlines, and updates. As this and other crises reverberate into the unforeseeable future, there are steps that tax departments can take now in order to build their own solid business continuity plans that reflect the needs of today’s business climate.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • Why tax departments need business continuity plans (BCPs)
  • How to overcome the challenges of putting BCPs into practice
  • What a good virtual work environment looks like
  • Which technology tools to consider when implementing a BCP
  • What a good support system looks like in BCP scenarios

GTM Presenters:
Dave Sekula, Managing Director & Chief Revenue Officer
Anthony Sorrentino, Associate Director, Tax Automation Services

Thomson Reuters Presenters:
Bianca Kuijper, Director, Direct Tax & Transfer Pricing Propositions (Moderator)
Shawn Malhotra, Head of Technology, Corporates
Chip Ferris, Head of Customer Success, Corporates in Customer Service & Support

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Webinar: Top UK Tax Considerations for U.S. GAAP Reporting

Multinationals operating in the UK must successfully navigate key considerations when addressing U.S. GAAP reporting. Join this webinar to learn from FTI UK, GTM’s tax partner within the WTS Global tax network, as we delve into each of these top considerations to give you practical insights:

  • Tax Consolidation
  • Utilization of UK NOLS
  • Interest Restrictions
  • Anti-Hybrid Rules
  • Diverted Profits Tax
  • Tax Relief on Tangible and Intangible Assets
  • Share Based Payments
  • Tax Administration
  • UK R&D Credit
  • Patent Box

FTI Presenters:
Richard Turner, Senior Managing Director
Lucy Healy, Senior Director
Matt Hodges, Managing Director
Lawrence Wild, Director
Jonathan Pilcher, Senior Director

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Webinar: Breaking Down Tax Automation with Alteryx

Corporate tax professionals are faced with an avalanche of pressures. Changing regulations and entity structures, volumes of disparate data, and oftentimes limited resources can make it daunting to meet reporting deadlines, even in the best of times. There is a better way – and it’s more within your grasp than you think.

Register for our upcoming webinar and hear a firsthand account of Alteryx adoption from the inside out. Global Tax Management (GTM) will share how it has rapidly developed use cases for its own services delivery teams and its multinational client base. GTM will also share how forward-thinking tax departments are using Alteryx and how they got started.

Join this webinar to discover how to:

  • Enable tax teams with self-service analytics
  • Streamline traditional tax work
  • Get buy-in from the C-Suite
  • Develop tax department use cases
  • Start the journey

Earn 1 CPE credit for attending this live webinar. Save your seat today!

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Webinar: Headquarters Charges: Why the Difference Between Stewardship and SG&A Matters Post-TCJA

For tax purposes, stewardship expenses and SG&A expenses are often viewed as two sides of the same coin when it comes to headquarters charges.  Post U.S. tax reform, however, it is more important than ever to accurately separate stewardship from SG&A.  Doing so has impacts to FDII and GILTI.  The recently proposed foreign tax credit regulations also significantly change how stewardship, specifically, is allocated and apportioned.

In this live webinar, GTM’s Brian Abbey, Managing Director, International Tax, and Kevin Croy, Managing Director, Transfer Pricing, will provide participants with insight and understanding into the differences between stewardship and SG&A expenses, and how that leads impacts Headquarters Charges post U.S. tax reform.

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Webinar: Corporate Tax Fundamentals – Introduction to Tax Provision Technologies and Related Tools

Time is a precious commodity, especially if your tax team is already operating at peak capacity. Rushing through disjointed, manual processes increase the risks for error and can yield inadequate analytical analysis. Technology can help, but it takes time to evaluate, implement, and refine ever-changing solutions. Join this session to learn how technology can enhance your processes and put time – and accuracy – back on your side. This session will include:

  • An introduction to the top technology solutions available for tax provision
  • A demonstration of the specific features and benefits of ONESOURCE Tax Provision and Alteryx


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Webinar: Corporate Tax Fundamentals – ASC 740: Navigating Return to Provision and the Rate Reconciliation

We understand that return to provision and the rate reconciliation can be the most confusing parts of the tax provision for the emerging professional. We designed this presentation to demystify how common tax provision items are reflected in the effective tax rate reconciliation/presentation, as well as how to navigate a Company’s RTP adjustments through the current and deferred provision.

This session provides insight into common requirements and considerations for RTP and ETR, including:

  • RTP – Current & deferred impact
  • RTP – Journal Entry
  • Effective Tax Rate (ETR) considerations, including general understanding of overall requirements, common examples and pitfalls, financial statement presentations and tie-ins


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