Giving Back

GTM Supports Autism Speaks

Working with a charity that is as passionate as we are in coming together to make a difference and spread awareness has been a tremendous motivation for GTM. Autism costs the US approximately $126 billion dollars each year. But yet it receives less than 5% of the research funding of many less prevalent childhood diseases. Autism Speaks sees these areas of need and strives to fill in the gaps.

GTM participates in a number of fundraising activities throughout the year to support this great cause. In the past 9 years, Team GTM has raised over $200,000 for children who are on the Autism Spectrum. The money raised for Autism Speaks goes towards Autism research, local grants that allow children to go to camps, and local resources for families dealing with new diagnosis.

We started our journey supporting Autism Speaks because of a personal story from a fellow GTM employee who had two children on the Autism spectrum. That story touched our hearts in a special way. We continue this journey for every child we see at Autism Walk Day and every family that our donation helps through their lifelong journey on the Spectrum.

GTMers Christina Smiley, Sonnonedria Miller,  and Aubrey Masulis accept the Top Fundraising Team in 2016 from the Autism Speaks team.

In September 2017, GTMers Christina Smiley, Sonnonedria Miller, and Aubrey Masulis accept their 2016 Top Fundraising Award from the Philadelphia Autism Speaks team.


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