Practice Profile: Continuing the Education (Accounting Today)

Practice Profile: Continuing the Education (Accounting Today)

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In 2022, GTM launched GTM Training Institute, a practical, online learning program to help in-house tax department staff build income tax compliance and tax provision competencies. GTM made the decision to launch its training institute as a distinct practice after identifying significant and ongoing talent gaps in the market.

Accounting Today’s Danielle Lee recently sat down with Dave Sekula, GTM’s CEO and Executive Director, and Frank Nieves, Practice Leader for the GTM Training Institute, to learn more about how this fully remote program empowers tax departments to train their talent and build from within to retain their top performers.

Read the article here (subscription required).

According to Frank Nieves: “We have a unique positioning in the market, working side by side in a corporate environment and seeing the talent levels. Our mission is to develop that pipeline of future tax leadership with a hands-on approach to guiding people on that (career) path. The program is a natural extension of the shortage of formal training. We are answering the demand of the market, really, the need that has been there for a long time.”