Webinar: CARES Act: Corporate Tax Impacts & Considerations

Webinar: CARES Act: Corporate Tax Impacts & Considerations

Kevin Croy
Managing Director
Jim Swanick
Managing Director
Michael Tighe
Managing Director
Raymond Wynman
Managing Director
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As companies around the world react to an economic downturn and challenging business conditions, it’s more essential than ever to maximize opportunities. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act (H.R. 748) offers several ways for corporations to take advantage of refund opportunities, including amending prior returns and carryback claims. However, the CARES Act, its iterations, and its impact to existing tax attributes can be quite complex.

Join us to explore tax opportunities related to the CARES Act and how its impact will affect cash taxes, compliance initiatives, and accounting for income taxes. We will discuss several federal and international impacts of the Act and some key issues surrounding transfer pricing including:

  • CARES Act Changes
  • Opportunities & Key Decisions to Make
  • Cash Tax & ASC 740 Considerations
  • CARES Act Impact to Tax Attributes
  • U.S. International Tax Considerations
  • Comprehensive Example

In addition, we will be reviewing the impact of how the economic downturn has on transfer pricing policies and how that may require revised U.S. international tax planning.

GTM Presenters:
Kevin Croy, Managing Director, Transfer Pricing
Jim Swanick, Managing Director
Mike Tighe, Associate Director
Raymond Wynman, Managing Director, International Tax

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