How to Prepare for a Changing World of Intercompany Debt

How to Prepare for a Changing World of Intercompany Debt

Raymond Wynman
Managing Director
Jarek Filak
Senior Manager, International Tax
Webinar Date:

    Final regulations under Section 385 are imminent. When they officially take effect, U.S. and foreign multinationals will have 30 days to maintain the required documentation. Non-compliance automatically treats intercompany debt as equity. Join this webinar to gain an understanding of the proposed regulations and what you need to do to prepare.

    Key takeaways from this webinar:

    • Overview of the Section 385 Proposed Regulations
    • Documentation Requirements
    • Recast and Funding Rules
    • Practical Examples
    • Implications for Your Business and Tax Planning
    • Steps You Should Take to Prepare

    GTM can work with you to assess and categorize your current outstanding debt, help produce documentation to comply with IRS reporting requirements, and create an infrastructure to track outstanding and newly created debt for ongoing compliance.

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