Webinar: Property Tax Trends, Triggers & Savings Opportunities

Webinar: Property Tax Trends, Triggers & Savings Opportunities

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In this webinar, GTM’s Bob Butterbaugh, Practice Leader for GTM’s Property Tax Services, briefly provides an overview of the three foundational issues that impact property tax: verification, classification, and valuation. Viewers will learn how to determine whether the assets used in their respective businesses are being used efficiently for the purpose for which they were designed; are classified appropriately to be assessed only those assets that are taxable consistent with state statutory provisions; and are fairly and properly valued. They will also learn to recognize some of the most common triggering events that impact value and how to leverage opportunities to secure savings in their own organizations. Specific topics include:

  • Overview of Property Tax
    • Foundational pillars
    • Focus today on events impacting fair market value
  • Recognize megatrends and valuation impacts
  • Capitalize on common triggering events
  • Savings opportunities for your organization
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