Webinar: Top German Tax Considerations for U.S. GAAP Reporting

Webinar: Top German Tax Considerations for U.S. GAAP Reporting

David Sekula
CEO & Executive Director
Raymond Wynman
Managing Director
Webinar Date:

    Multinationals operating in Germany must successfully navigate key considerations when addressing U.S. GAAP reporting. Join this webinar to learn from GTM’s German colleagues within the WTS Global tax network, as we delve into each of the following topics to give you practical insights on:

    • Overview of the Corporate Tax Regime
    • Common GAAP-to-STAT Differences
    • Fiscal Unity (Organschaft)
    • Investment benefits/R&D credits
    • NOL utilization
    • Withholding taxes
    • Deductible Interest Limitations (Zinsschranke)
    • License restrictions (Lizenzschranke)
    • Anti-Tax-Avoidance-Directive (ATAD)
    • Audit risks

    This webinar will also address the reduction of VAT rates for the second half of 2020, DAC 6, and German real estate transfer tax (RETT) rules.

    GTM Hosts:
    David Sekula, Managing Director, Philadelphia and D.C. Metro Offices
    Raymond Wynman, Managing Director, International Tax Services

    WTS Presenters:
    Andreas Schreib, Partner
    Jens Krechel, Partner

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