Webinar: ASC 740 Interim Provision: Applying the Fundamentals

Webinar: ASC 740 Interim Provision: Applying the Fundamentals

Frank Nieves
Practice Leader, GTM Training Institute
Joanne Tempone
Lead Instructor, GTM Training Institute
Webinar Date:

Preparing quarterly financial statements can be a challenging endeavor for busy tax departments. In this live, one-hour webinar, GTM Training Institute Practice Leader Frank Nieves, Curriculum Developer & Lead Instructor Joanne Tempone, and Director Gergana Lipidakova will explain how ASC 740 applies to interim tax provision calculations.

Specifically, they will discuss:

  • The major differences between full year and interim period approaches.
  • The fundamentals of computing an interim provision.
  • Development of an annual effective tax rate (AETR).
  • Identification of discrete Items.
  • Other practical considerations.

Who Should Attend:

  • Tax professionals at all levels responsible for reviewing and/or preparing interim provisions.
  • Finance professionals seeking a better understanding of interim tax reporting.
  • In-house tax professionals that are expanding into ASC 740 income tax provision responsibilities.
  • Early career tax team members.

Earn 1 CPE Credit for Attending Live

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