Webinar: Corptax Compliance Kickoff: Explore Time-Saving Automation Tools

Webinar: Corptax Compliance Kickoff: Explore Time-Saving Automation Tools

Anthony DiGiuseppe
Managing Director
Laren Hendrickson
Senior Manager, Tax Automation Services
Webinar Date:

As new tax laws and regulations increase the compliance requirements demanded from taxpayers, tax departments continue to explore ways to increase efficiencies while maintaining accuracy.  To that end, the automation of data continues to be a high priority for tax professionals. More time required for analytics and planning means less time for data management and processing.

Tax departments that license Corptax have options as Corptax continues to enhance the software functionality to ease the minds of tax professionals as they begin 2021 income tax compliance.

In this live, one-hour webinar, leaders from Global Tax Management (GTM) and Corptax will share insights on how to best leverage Corptax’s automation capabilities, including:

  • The Corptax automation tools available that are often overlooked by tax departments (including Corptax Office)
  • A quick demo on how to integrate these tools into your income tax compliance and provision process
  • How tools such as Corptax Office are practically applied

Earn one CPE for attending the live event.

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