Webinar: Key UK/US Considerations for R&D Tax Credits

Webinar: Key UK/US Considerations for R&D Tax Credits

Jonathan Forman
Managing Director
Joe Lally
Webinar Date:

The UK and US both offer R&D tax incentive programs, though there are significant differences in the types of activities that qualify, the costs that qualify, and how the credit is calculated.  By understanding these differences, multinational corporations can plan R&D spending strategically to maximize benefits. Those corporations that don’t understand the differences, however, may lose significant tax savings.

Amid recent legislative changes in both countries and the multinational corporations’ shift toward global ERP platforms, now is the time to understand how to best structure R&D teams and funding to take full advantage of available incentive programs. In this live, one-hour webinar, leaders from Global Tax Management and FTI Consulting will deliver an overview of the following topics:

  • What Qualifies as R&D in the UK and US
  • Overview of the Programs
    • UK SME and RDEC Regimes
    • US Credit and Payroll Offset
    • Strategic Planning Opportunities
  • Recent developments
    • 2021 UK Budget and BREXIT
    • US Legislative and Administrative
  • Key Audit risks
    • UK
      • SME Status
      • Subsidies
      • Capped expenditure
    • US
      • Funded Research
      • Internal-Use Software
      • Tooling and prototype costs
  • Tax Accounting for R&D Incentives UK/IFRS and US GAAP
  • Common Mistakes & Misconceptions

Participants will earn one CPE credit for attending this live webinar.

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