Raymond Wynman
Service Lead

Raymond Wynman

Managing Director

International Tax Practice Leader

Raymond is the Managing Director of Global Tax Management’s International Tax practice. He focuses on providing clients international tax quantitative and compliance services as well as international tax planning. He is also part of GTM’s U.S. tax reform task force, charged with interpreting, communicating, and advising its staff and clients on the various complexities and regulatory guidance of U.S. tax reform, including helping clients navigate the new international tax planning landscape.

Raymond joined GTM in 2016. With nearly 25 years of international tax experience, his leadership and domain expertise in international tax helps clients navigate the complexities of international tax compliance and international tax planning dictated by business operations. He services clients in the life sciences, manufacturing, consumer products, and service industries.

Prior to joining GTM, Raymond was an international tax partner with Ernst & Young. In this role, he advised multinational clients on effective US and worldwide income tax planning for global tax minimization, focusing on areas such as supply chain/transfer pricing structures, foreign cash repatriation, and post-merger integration of newly acquired entities. He also practiced in the international tax quantitative and compliance area such as foreign tax credit maximization, expense allocation and apportionment optimization, overall foreign loss planning, foreign earnings and profit studies, and international tax compliance topics. Additionally, he helped companies in the international tax accounting area.

Raymond is a frequent speaker on international tax matters and has addressed the Tax Executives Institute (TEI), Atlas Information Group, Networking Seminars Inc., Ernst & Young educational programs, and Ernst & Young and GTM client seminars.

Raymond was born in the Netherlands but mainly raised in Florence, Italy. He currently resides in Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania with his wife, daughter, and son. He enjoys travelling with his family and is an avid cyclist.




B.S. in Accounting from Philadelphia University
M.S. in Tax from Philadelphia University