Data Management & Analytics for Tax Departments

Data Management & Analytics for Tax Departments

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Automating and Modernizing Tax Data Processing with Alteryx

Repeatable, rapid, reliable. The data processing power of Alteryx data analytics software, combined with GTM’s industry-leading team of tax technology experts, is helping multinational tax departments across all industries save valuable time by creating repeatable and automated workflows that:

  • Combine data from multiple sources
  • Manipulate source data into usable formats
  • Make working with large volumes data a breeze
  • Streamline reconciliations
  • Create and populate tax packages
  • Execute complex models and calculations accurately and efficiently
  • Spend less time on non-value added, monotonous tasks

Why Alteryx for Tax Automation?

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Broad Applicability with High Return
Alteryx can be applied across your entire tax department, from general use to Federal & State Income Tax; Indirect Tax; Transfer Pricing and International Tax; R&D Tax Credit; and more. For example, GTM used Alteryx to reduce manual processes by over 50% within our Sales and Use Tax department.

Ease of Use and Value
With Alteryx’s user-friendly interface and robust community, you can leverage your existing staff as citizen developers to achieve quick results. Alteryx is used to reduce wasted time manually manipulating or entering data for various tasks; mitigate risk associated with clunky and/or disconnected Excel files or Excel Macros; reduce dependencies on legacy systems that are no longer maintained and supported; and reduce errors associated with manual calculations.

Resource Maximization
When built right, Alteryx workflows require minimal maintenance and are easily reusable. Workflows integrate various data input sources and automate outputs, while supporting scheduling, error-checking, and enforcing data integrity. This allows resources in the department to spend more time on review, planning and other value-added exercises.

Common Alteryx Use Cases for Corporate Tax

Deploy Alteryx Without Disrupting Your Daily Tax Operations

GTM helps you get the most out of Alteryx without it being burdensome, inefficient or a heavy lift for your department. We work collaboratively with you to come up with a plan that makes sense and helps you accelerate the time to value. Whether it is helping identify use cases, providing training sessions, guiding focused co-building workshops, leading development of workflows, or assisting in an on-call support capacity, we are flexible in meeting your needs. Our team of certified personnel helps accelerate the adoption of Alteryx within your tax department so you can reap the benefits sooner rather than later.

Ultimately, as technology consultants for corporate tax departments, our end goal is always the same – enablement. We enable you with the know-how and/or a solution that provides tangible value to your tax department.

Contact us to help get you started on the journey to build a modern, technology-enabled tax department.