R&D Tax Credits for FinTech

R&D Tax Credits for FinTech

Is My FinTech Company Eligible For R&D Tax Credits?

Has your company made investments in technology or software development specific to the financial services industry? Committing resources toward developing software platforms, trading algorithms, and banking applications either for third parties or even internal use can generate significant opportunities to recoup costs in the form of R&D tax credits.

The R&D tax credit program incentivizes companies for keeping technical jobs based in the United States. Rewarding companies for these types of investments offers a way to refuel the cycle of innovation, generating capital for companies to hire additional technical personnel and expand its development capabilities.

Specific Examples of Qualified Activities

Generally, if employees are attempting to develop or improve products or processes by way of functionality, performance, reliability, or quality and encounter some level of technical uncertainty there will likely be elements of qualified research activities (“QRA”) that may be quantified and translated into cash back for the company.

Estimate Your R&D Tax Credit
Savings Potential

GTM’s R&D Tax Credit Calculator is a quick way to analyze your company’s data and identify opportunities to increase cash flow through R&D Tax Credits. Results will be returned to you via the email address you provided within a few minutes of your submission.

Research & Development Tax Credit Expertise When You Need It

Budget constraints and talent shortages often leave domestic and multinational companies lacking in dedicated in-house resources that have the time or proficiency to manage the R&D tax, cost segregation, and other credits and incentives functions. 

GTM addresses your R&D tax needs without adding full-time overhead to your business. Our team of R&D tax consultants work side-by-side with you to identify and maximize key savings opportunities wherever you are, whether local, national, or international. We can help you avoid paying unnecessary taxes, obtain tax refunds, manage operational costs, and enhance the economic value of company initiatives.

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