U.S. Sales & Use Tax vs. VAT Tax: Post Wayfair


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U.S. Sales & Use Tax vs. VAT Tax: What’s the Difference, and How to Execute Post Wayfair Decision

May 08, 2019

Article published in WTS Global VAT Newsletter Q1/2019

By Jim Ford, Managing Director, Sales & Use Tax Compliance, Global Tax Management

If you have been tracking US Sales and Tax over the last few years you may have heard about the Wayfair case and its impact on US sales and use tax. In order to understand Wayfair, we wanted to give a quick overview of U.S Sales and Use Tax and insight on some of the areas you’ll need to focus on when doing business in the U.S.

In Europe you are most familiar with VAT Taxes. Although both Sales and Use Tax and VAT Tax are both indirect taxes, the implementation of the two taxes is very different. We’ll discuss how Sales Tax is implemented and highlight some of the differences between U.S. Sales and Use and Traditional European VAT Tax.

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