Webinar: Breaking Down Tax Automation with Alteryx

Webinar: Breaking Down Tax Automation with Alteryx

Ryan Lynch
Managing Director & CTIO
Matt Delaney
Senior Manager, Tax Automation Services
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Corporate tax professionals are faced with an avalanche of pressures. Changing regulations and entity structures, volumes of disparate data, and oftentimes limited resources can make it daunting to meet reporting deadlines, even in the best of times. There is a better way - and it’s more within your grasp than you think.

Hear a firsthand account of Alteryx adoption from the inside out. Global Tax Management (GTM) will share how it has rapidly developed use cases for its own services delivery teams and its multinational client base. GTM will also share how forward-thinking tax departments are using Alteryx and how they got started.

Join this webinar to discover how to:

  • Enable tax teams with self-service analytics
  • Streamline traditional tax work
  • Get buy-in from the C-Suite
  • Develop tax department use cases
  • Start the journey
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