Webinar: Top UK Tax Considerations for U.S. GAAP Reporting

Webinar: Top UK Tax Considerations for U.S. GAAP Reporting

David Sekula
CEO & Executive Director
Raymond Wynman
Managing Director
Webinar Date:

    Multinationals operating in the UK must successfully navigate key considerations when addressing U.S. GAAP reporting. Join this webinar to learn from FTI UK, GTM’s tax partner within the WTS Global tax network, as we delve into each of these top considerations to give you practical insights:

    • Tax Consolidation
    • Utilization of UK NOLS
    • Interest Restrictions
    • Anti-Hybrid Rules
    • Diverted Profits Tax
    • Tax Relief on Tangible and Intangible Assets
    • Share Based Payments
    • Tax Administration
    • UK R&D Credit
    • Patent Box

    GTM Presenters:
    David Sekula, Managing Director (Host)
    Raymond Wynman, Managing Director, International Tax

    FTI Presenters:
    Richard Turner, Senior Managing Director
    Lucy Healy, Senior Director
    Matt Hodges, Managing Director
    Lawrence Wild, Director
    Jonathan Pilcher, Senior Director

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