Data Management and Automation

Stop wasting time on data manipulation so you can do your day job – tax analysis and planning.

Without the right data management and automation solution in place, tax teams are wasting time. Time gathering information from disparate systems, reformatting data, and hunting down missing tax-specific data from different departments. Then more time — creating numerous excel templates to manipulate, cleansing then calculating the data into workpapers– before finally entering the resulting outputs into core tax applications for SEC or IRS filings. Sound familiar?

This hunting and gathering “lost time” is not only inefficient and leaves margin for error, but it also underutilizes the talent of your tax accountants, who should be focused on analysis and reporting.


Leave manual data manipulation in the dust.

GTM Power™ can get you there faster by taking a more efficient route. Here’s how:

  • Decreases the “lost time” of data preparation
  • Cleanses data collection for multiple tax disciplines
  • Allows calculations to be leveraged across tax types
  • Feeds automatically from source systems and works with add-ins like Hyperion Retrieve
  • Stores the original data, identifies new data points, cleanses data into one standardized format, code and currency

Empower your team to quickly transform their data into meaningful analysis and accurate results with GTMpower™.

Use one tool to handle data for a variety of specific uses:


Improve your tax life with features like no other tax tool:

  • Affordable solution for any size tax department
  • Automated processing of data based on rules driven approach
  • Scalability required for massive datasets (SQL database)
  • Configurable data validation methods
  • Flexible import allows for multiple sources and formats
  • Period and scenario indicators to create organization for historical reference
  • Web-based user interface that integrates with Microsoft Excel
  • Options for hosting – internally or cloud-based


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