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Video: Tax Departments Can Unlock the Benefits of the TCJA

January 08, 2019

History has long shown that businesses with the ability to identify changes in their environment, pivot effortlessly, and quickly adapt to the new setting are the ones that end up on top. Whether or not we have come to grips with it, the reality is that we are living in a “post-tax-reform” world, and there are still a lot of businesses scratching their heads, having more questions than answers. Regardless of your opinion on the change, there are two things for certain: tax reform is here to stay and businesses need to adapt or they will be left behind. How tax departments benefit from TJCA Video

Tax reform is not only transforming how businesses operate internally, but it is also transforming how tax departments are structured to maximize their strategic role for the company.  Watch this video to learn more about how your tax department can reap the benefits of TCJA.

If tax reform has done anything, it has shed light on the fact that the world is transforming, and that having a well designed infrastructure, with full input from all stakeholders, is key to success. It also reminded us to always be ready to adapt and to expect the unexpected, perhaps for the next tax reform, whenever it should hit.

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